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Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm
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301 S. Barstow Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Phone: (715) 838-0986
Toll Free: (866) 417-6872

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What We Do

Equipment and Printer Sales

Are you in the market for a printer? Be careful! If not chosen carefully, the printer you use could significantly increase your cost of doing business.Did you know some of today’s low-cost printers use cartridges that contain only 15% as much ink as printers made just a few years ago?

One Source Imaging:

  • Can help you navigate the maze of printer options available and help you select the┬ámachine that is right for you.
  • Offers everything from entry level fax, inkjet, and laser printers, to the latest multi-function department-level MFP’s that reside on your network, print, scan, copy, and fax.
  • Will help you select a model that is economical to use!

We sell new and new-to-you printers! Many times a brand new printer is the best option, but sometimes a high-quality used printer may suit your needs even better.

Why buy new?

  • You print photos for scrapbooking or framing. With inkjet printers, the latest models have unparalled photo quality printing
  • You need the fastest possible speed. The newest printers have faster print speeds than older printers. However, we have used models with very respectable print speeds!
  • You want the newest technology. There are many reasons to buy the newest technology — whatever yours is, we’ll help you select the right model for you.

Why buy used?

  • You have an “old favorite.” We can get you more of the same model so you won’t have to learn a new machine and you can control your cartridge inventory!
  • You want reliability and fixability. Especially with inkjet printers, older models are often built better and are more often fixable.
  • You want to print as cheaply as possible. Many of today’s printers use smaller cartridges that cost as much or more as older model cartridges. This means that used equipment can print at a much lower cost per page.
  • You want the best value! Get a great price for the printer & the cartridges! The general rule of thumb with new printers is the less you spend on the printer, the more expensive the ink.

Finding the right printer doesn’t have to take lots of research on your part. Our expert staff knows the right questions to ask to get you a printer that fits your needs. Call us today!

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