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Electronic Equipment Cleaning Wipes, 5 1/2 x 6 3/4, White, 80/Canister (3M/COMMERCIAL TAPE DIV.)
View Details Keep your expensive equipment clean and dust-free. Premoistened, antistatic, nonabrasive wipes are safe to use on electronic equipment and delicate surfaces including LCD screens and DVD media.

Our Price: $12.59/EA

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Microfiber Electronics Cleaning Cloth, 12 x 14, White (3M/COMMERCIAL TAPE DIV.)
View Details Keeps computers, monitors, TV screens, CD/DVD players and other electronic devices free from dust and smudges. Safe to use on virtually any surface in the home or office. Machine washable for repeated use.

Our Price: $4.82/EA

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Antibacterial Office Equipment Wet Wipes, Cloth, 5 x 8, 100/Box (BAUSCH & LOMB, INC.)
View Details Alcohol-free, individually packaged tissues to clean respirator masks, hard hats, hearing protectors and other safety equipment. Won't irritate skin. Safe to use on rubberized materials.

Our Price: $23.09/BX

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Antistatic Cleaning Wipes, Premoistened, 70/Canister (ENDUST)
View Details Specially formulated to clean laptop screens, monitors, TV screens including LCD and plasma, keyboards, touch screens, handheld electronics and other office equipment. Gently wipes away dust and fingerprints in one easy step. Premoistened wipes are antistatic and alcohol and ammonia free.

Our Price: $9.44/EA

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Antistatic Premoistened Wipes for Electronics, Cloth, 6" x 6", 70/Tub (ENDUST)
View Details New and improved formula. Premoistened, ammonia-free wipes remove fingerprints, dirt and dust, and antistatic action prevents dust buildup. Convenient dispenser releases one wipe at a time. Excellent for cleaning non-glare laptop screens, computers, PDAs, keyboards, CDs and DVDs, phones, photo equipment, copiers, fax machines and other electronic equipment.

Our Price: $7.34/EA

View Details
Tablet and Laptop Cleaning Wipes, Unscented, 70/Tub (ENDUST)
View Details Instant cleaning power in one easy step. Durable, soft and low-linting wipe fabric. Tub consistently dispenses one wipe at a time. Formulated to safely clean tablet screens, e-readers, smart phones, netbooks and touchscreens.

Our Price: $8.39/EA

View Details
Flat Screen Dry Shammy, 12 1/2 x 12, Canister (FALCON SAFETY)
View Details Suede-like microfiber cleaning cloth safely removes dust, lint and smudges from sensitive laptop and LCD computer screens, and plasma, LCD and flat-screen televisions. Machine washable for continued use.

Our Price: $7.34/EA

View Details
Premium Keyboard Cleaning Kit, 50 mL Bottle, 5 1/4" x 7 1/2" Cloth, 4 Swabs (FALCON SAFETY)
View Details Premium cleaning kit provides all the tools you need to effectively clean fingerprints and other embedded dirt from keyboard surface. Thoroughly removes crumbs, dust and other particles that accumulate between and under the keys. Completely safe for maintaining keyboard function.

Our Price: $16.79/KT

View Details
Premoistened Monitor Cleaning Wipes, Cloth, 6 x 6 1/2, 80/Tub (FALCON SAFETY)
View Details Premoistened, antistatic wipes are soft and thick to safely remove dust, dirt and lint from sensitive computer and laptop screens. Quick-drying, no-streak formula.

Our Price: $9.44/EA

View Details
Touch Screen Wipes, 5 x 6, 200 Individual Foil Packets (FALCON SAFETY)
View Details Safely and effectively cleans office computer, laptop and netbook screens. Can also be used on handheld technologies like cell phone, PDA, GPS and MPS. Alcohol-free wipes in individual packets are easy to store in purse or laptop, making them ideal for portable use and/or air travel.

Our Price: $37.79/EA

View Details
Multipurpose Cleaning Wet Wipes, Cloth, 3.14" x 3.94", 65/Tub (FELLOWES MFG. CO.)
View Details Premoistened wipes remove dust, dirt and fingerprints from any hard surface. Excellent for computer screens, PDAs, CDs/DVDs, desks, chairs and office equipment. Alcohol-free, antistatic formula prevents dust buildup and potentially damaging static charges.

Our Price: $8.91/EA

View Details
Screen Cleaning Wet Wipes, 5.12" x 5.90", 100/Tub (FELLOWES MFG. CO.)
View Details Safely removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from all types of computer screens and glass surfaces. Works on all LCD and CRT screens, privacy and anti-glare filters, PDAs, scanners and TV screens. Not for use on mesh screens.

Our Price: $11.54/EA

View Details
Telephone Surface Cleaner Wet Wipes, Cloth, 5 x 6, 100/Tub (FELLOWES MFG. CO.)
View Details Premoistened phone wipes with a fresh scent. Ideal for cleaning telephones, cell phones, headsets, microphones or any equipment that comes in contact with the ear, mouth or face.

Our Price: $11.54/EA

View Details
Alcohol-Free Cleaning Wipes, Cloth, 4 3/4 x 6 1/4, White, 20/Pack (INNOVERA)
View Details Premoistened wipes are ideal for cleaning telephones, keyboards and other hard surfaces. Not for use on screens of any type.

Our Price: $6.50/PK

View Details
Anti-Static Wet/Dry Sachet Pairs, White, 50 Sets/Box (INNOVERA)
View Details Twin pack of wet-dry wipes makes easy work of heavily soiled computer monitors and surfaces. Antistatic, non-alcohol wet wipe removes oil, smudges and dust. Dry wipe dries and polishes surfaces, leaving them clean and smudge-free. Perfect for large size and/or heavily soiled computers, TV screens, display screens.

Our Price: $23.09/PK

View Details
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 6" x 7", Grey, 3/Pack (INNOVERA)
View Details Safely clean dust and smudges from electronic equipment without harmful chemicals. Cloths are antistatic, nonabrasive and washable.

Our Price: $13.64/PK

View Details
Surface Cleaning Wipes, 200 Sachets, Fishbowl Red Top (INNOVERA)
View Details Premoistened wipes are ideal for cleaning telephones, keyboards and other hard surfaces. Not for use on screens of any type.

Our Price: $26.24/EA

View Details
Large-Sized Microfiber Towels Two-Pack, 15 x 15, Unscented, Blue, 2/Pack (NORAZZA, INC.)
View Details Soft and plush microfiber towels are ideal for removing dust, fingerprints and smudges from laptop, monitors, TV screens, game systems, smartphones, cameras and office surfaces. Use dry or slightly damp. Reusable and machine washable. Towel size: 15” x 15”.

Our Price: $15.74/PK

View Details
Pad and Tablet Fingerprint Eraser (NORAZZA, INC.)
View Details Designed to erase fingerprints from tablet phone and laptop screens. Patented carbon technology removes fingerprints by absorbing them. Perfect size fits in briefcase, purse or pocket. Cleaning carbon compound will not spill or dry out. Dry cleaning system safe for airport travel.

List Price: $19.99/EA
Our Price: $19.78/EA
You Save: $0.21 (1%)

View Details
AlcoPad, Individually Wrapped, 24/Pack (READ/RIGHT)
View Details Wipes with isopropyl alcohol (IPA-91%) kill many types of bacteria on most hard surfaces. Great for shared equipment. Individually wrapped.

Our Price: $7.34/PK

View Details
Viewing 1 - 20 of 42 products
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