We Make Printing Easy!

No matter what position you hold with your company, it is highly frustrating when printing documents isn’t easy. We get it!

You press print… walk to the printer… wait… where’s my document? … At that moment, it doesn’t matter if it is due to a paper jam, bad paper, lack of toner, or broken hardware – you simply need your document! At One Source Imaging, we’ve specialized in making printing easy for over 30 years.

If you’re out of toner, we’ll deliver fast. In fact, we can even proactively remote monitor your printers and copiers so you never run out again!

If your printer, fax, or desktop copier breaks down, call us first. We offer all of our customers technical support right over the phone. Or, we’ll come visit your office for the utmost in convenience. Our ink & toner customers can even receive basic support for FREE.

When it is time to replace equipment, we have a great selection of new and used machines by HP, Canon, and others. Our prices are very competitive, too. Sometimes, our everyday price on an in-stock machine is equivalent to the big box store’s sale price.

Our friendly, professional staff is ready to help you in whatever way works best for you. In short, we are here to make printing easy! Call us today at (715) 838-0986, Toll Free at (866) 417-6872, or email us at info@1sourceimaging.com. We’d love to hear from you!

History of One Source Imaging

By Chris Solberg, Founder & President

History1986One Source Imaging began in January 1986, back when 5-1/4″ floppy disks and fabric printer ribbons were cutting edge technologies. As a high school freshman, I bought floppy disks for resale, and started re-inking printer ribbons for my local high school — saving them 50% compared to buying new ribbons.

By my senior year in high school, One Source Imaging was providing computer supplies to 18 Wisconsin school districts and several local businesses. Throughout most of my college career, the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire recycled all of their ribbons with the company, saving thousands of dollars per year.

History1996As technologies evolved, new product lines were added. By 1996, One Source Imaging was offering a high quality line of remanufactured laser toner cartridges and refilled inkjet cartridges in addition to ribbon re-inking. Shortly thereafter, we began selling a full line of brand new, name-brand printer, copier, and fax supplies as well.

The customer has always been at the center of what we do. We’ve listened to our customers and responded accordingly. Last year, we served over 1,200 unique customers in the Chippewa Valley!

We provide FREE delivery to customers large and small — delivering everything from thousand-dollar orders to major companies to delivering single inkjet cartridges to one person offices! Our customers have made us the leading inkjet & toner supplier in the Chippewa Valley.

We’re continuing to grow and add services that you request. In addition to ink & toner, you can now purchase nearly 40,000 office supply items, checks & business forms, printers, faxes, copiers, and the latest MFP’s. We also repair equipment and recycle unwanted electronic waste. We can even run your entire printing fleet for you — managing your toner levels, maintaining the equipment, and remotely monitoring the health of the fleet all for one flat cost per page.

Perhaps what I’m most proud of is the tremendous impact our customers have had on the environment by using our recycling services. Last year alone, over 12,000 pounds of plastic and metal were diverted from local landfills, and thousands of gallons of oil were conserved by reusing empty printer cartridges instead of buying new. That’s a huge impact!

Thank you to all the customers who trust One Source Imaging to keep your printer fleet and office running smoothly. And please, let us know what we can do to make your life even easier.


Chris Solberg