The Best Prices On The Best Ink & Toner


Is your business bleeding ink?

Many small to mid-sized businesses buy printers the way they buy office supplies – you shop for a good deal on a printer that has the basic features you need, buy it, and then feed it ink or toner as it runs out. If this is how you buy printers, chances are good (and that’s bad!) that you’re overpaying for ink and toner.

If you love your current printer(s), we’ll get you the best possible prices on OEM or top-quality remanufactured cartridges for every printer in your building.

If you’re open to a little bit of friendly advice, we’ll do an analysis of all the printing your business does, and give you a detailed estimate including prices for cartridges for your existing unit(s), as well as recommendations for more efficient printers – and more efficient ways to print – that could save you significant money in the long-term.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll always enjoy great prices, free local delivery, and industry-leading customer service. We’ve been in the ink & toner business for 20+ years, and we’re ready to put that experience to work for your business.

One Source Imaging is your source for new and remanufactured:

  • Toner Cartridges (including color toner cartridges)
  • Inkjet Cartridges
  • Fabric Printer Ribbons
  • Fax rolls, cartridges, and toners
  • Digital Duplicator Supplies
  • Ink-Sticks for Phaser Color Laser Printers
  • Postage Machine Cartridges
  • Supplies for just about everything that prints!

An HP Authorized Reseller – Genuine Supplies, Guaranteed!

When you invest in genuine HP supplies, you want to be assured that what you’re getting are current-stock, authentic HP products. One Source Imaging is proud to be part of a select group of retailers that are authorized to sell genuine HP ink & toner products, backed by HP’s full warranty and One Source Imaging’s commitment to customer satisfaction!

Some more reasons to buy from One Source Imaging:

A Great Guarantee

We have a one-year guarantee on all remanufactured and compatible products — compared to only 30-90 days offered by refill outlets and office superstores.

We buy back unopened cartridges for types we stock for up to nine months from purchase (in other words, you’re not stuck with useless cartridges if you change printers). In addition, we’ll buy back your unopened laser toners for 18 months!


Huge In-Stock Selection

With over 1,000 cartridges in stock, we have the widest in-stock selection of any store in the Chippewa Valley. In addition to our huge in-stock inventory, over 10,000 ink and toner supply items are available with as fast as next-day delivery direct to your home or business. Need a hard-to-find item? If it’s on the market, we’ll find it for you!

Preserve your warranty

When you use inferior cartridges that damage your printer, the manufacturer may not cover the damage. Most toner companies won’t cover the damage either, leaving you out of luck.

That’s where One Source Imaging is different. You can select from either name-brand cartridges warranted by the printer manufacturer, or you can maximize savings while keeping the warranty on your printer intact by using our high quality remanufactured products. For your greatest protection, our guarantee even covers repair to your printer if it is damaged by our cartridge!