Would you buy a radio if the maker said you could only use it on Sundays?

It is hard to believe a case about toner cartridges would make it all the way to the supreme court! That’s the case today, as the highest court in the land hears a now 14-year-old case regarding Lexmark’s program that tries to make it illegal for a business or consumer to do ANYTHING with their used toner cartridge other than send it back to Lexmark after using it.

Do you grasp the implications of this case? If you do, you understand why the Supreme Court accepted the case…

At issue is whether companies have the right to tell you what you can do with their products after you purchase them. For instance, they could sell you a car that you can only drive in one state. Or, a more direct correlation would be: would you buy a new car if the manufacturer said you could only sell it back to the original dealer when it is time to upgrade? THAT is what’s on the line here, and it is indeed a big deal. Read this article for more details!