At One Source Imaging, our commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart. We pride ourselves on providing timely solutions, tailored to each client’s unique needs. We love to highlight what customers have to say about their experiences with us. When you visit our testimonials page you’ll find an ever-changing list of them – refresh the page for a new random set!

For this blog post, let’s highlight a few. Logan, from InterVarsity Ministry, was amazed when the toners arrived in less than 24 hours from their conversation. According to him, “I was amazed when the toners came in less than 24 hours from when we spoke!” This dedication to swift service is a cornerstone of our approach.

Kathy, a satisfied customer, commends our team’s knowledge and dedication. She notes that we stand firmly behind our products and prices, offering fast, dependable service. In her words, “You won’t find anyone else that stands behind their products and prices like One Source Imaging does.” Such feedback reinforces our belief in providing top-notch service to every client, every time. Bobbi Jo, from Porter Place, emphasizes the promptness and friendliness that characterize every interaction with us.

Tabitha B. highlights the welcoming atmosphere at One Source Imaging, where respect for every client is paramount. This sentiment is echoed by Jason at the Automotive Service Center, who praised Chris for his patience and creative problem-solving. According to Jason, “Chris was a great help. He also followed back up with a creative solution.” Such testimonials validate our commitment to creating a comfortable and productive environment for our valued clients.

David’s longstanding relationship with us demonstrates the trust and satisfaction that many have come to associate with One Source Imaging. According to him, “I have been buying printers from One Source Imaging for about 20 years, and I’ve yet to regret a purchase.” Our team’s personal approach ensures that each client’s printing needs are not only met, but exceeded. This sentiment is mirrored by Melanie, a customer from an Eau Claire manufacturer, who appreciates our team’s readiness to assist.

Maria, a representative from a medical company, lauds our trustworthy approach and commitment to finding the best solutions for businesses. According to her, “Great customer service and trustworthy people who seek to provide the best scenario for your business!” Her feedback exemplifies our goal of establishing enduring partnerships with our clients. Sharon K.’s experience highlights our cost-effective offerings, with ink cartridges available for much less than office supply stores. According to her, she “Ordered ink cartridge for my Canon copier for much less cost than at office supply store.”

In addition, Ben K.’s experience showcases our agility in responding to unique requests. According to him, “I needed to use a color inkjet printer in a pinch in order to do some iron-on t-shirts and One Source replied quickly to help.” Our team ensures that every client receives the same level of attentiveness and tailored solutions, regardless of the nature of their printing needs. Finally, Sherry R.’s positive encounter underlines our willingness to go the extra mile, even accommodating a client who was running late on a Friday. According to her, “I had a very good experience at One Source Imaging. I was running a little late on a Friday. I called and they said they’d wait for me.”

In every interaction, One Source Imaging strives for excellence, providing solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective. Our clients are not only satisfied, but also amazed at the level of service and dedication we bring to the table. With a team that is knowledgeable, experienced, and committed, we stand by our promise to deliver the best in printing solutions. We’ve been able to thrive since our beginnings in 1986 truly because we care about putting our customers first!

The next time you need a business copier, desktop printer/copier/MFP, business checks, roll labels, or sheet labels, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call at 715-838-0986 or drop us an email at info @ today!